Student Association


Student Organization at VIPW is formed to provide an opportunity to the learners to broaden their horizons, learn new skills, coordinate and work with individuals which experience will further their success as they step out of the college into the real world. Students’ Association in the name of Vyjayanthi is the perfect platform to all students to participate and organize in activities and competitions. The prime purpose of the association is to promote their common interests related to various activities, like activities, services and the administration of the institution. As such, they are made part of various institutional committees.

Various Programmes are organized to encourage their creative pursuits and nature talents. There is a competition and a spirit of camaraderie too, as students from various levels like B. Pharm, Pharm D, Pharm D PB and M. Pharm come together to participate in various events. Team work can be educational, exhilarating and challenging.

Students under Vyjayanthi are categorized into four teams: Achievers, Inspirers, Sizzlers and Sparklers The discrimination among students as seniors / juniors is avoided by grouping the students randomly from first B. Pharm to second M. Pharm. These groups are headed by the nominated faculty Coordinators and student group leaders. They represent the respective teams in competitions throughout the year and compete in the annual Cultural & Sports event Vijrumbhana.

Vyjayanthi has a unique flavor and style that makes it a much expected and memorable moment. It is a confluence of ideas, a perfect blend of arts, skills and the passion to perform. Students are provided with convenient amenities and a warm welcoming environment to participate in all events.

Achievers: Achievers are influenced by motivational reminder “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.

Inspirers: They are the people filled with enlivening, exacting emotion to complete. This is the power of gathering where actions are guided to be more enhanced, thoughtful and more animated to represent their winning selves.

Sizzlers: Sizzlers team is guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence. They push the boundaries and surge forward to win. Their most certain way to succeed is always to try just for one more time.

Sparklers: They are obviously bonfires raving about success with new strength and new thoughts. They burn to emit colored flames and sparks of victory. Their motivational fire to complete is “the will to win” the desire to succeed, the urge to reach full potential, the key that unlocks the door to excellence.